Judith’s Soup Blogs

Huge thanks to Judith Allinson for taking photos and videos of our soup nights and blogging about them on her Rainforest Fund Blog.

Links to the blogs are here and I have copied the posts below

First Settle Soup on 17 June

Second Settle Soup on 19 July 2015

Third Settle Soup on 30 September 2015

Settle Soup- and the four pitches on 17 June ..

Pay your £4-00 as you come in (or nearest donation)
Are you sitting comfortably?

See video/tasters of the four pitches:- (Each 1.5 to 3.5 min long)

Settle Stories – given by Sita Brand:
Christmas Lights: Tony Hardwick
Transitions: Andy Mouncey

Local Charity Trusts: Sarah Wiltshire   (Only the second half of the talk was recorded)

Then discuss over soup. Write suggestions. Ask the presenters for details and give suggestions.

The votes were counted.

The four presenters stood in front
of the special panel/backcloth on the stage- printed many years ago of Settle Market Place

The Transitions project gained most votes.

Andy accepts the £193 for the project:

Well done Andy and well done all for four excellent presentations. Many ideas were exchanged

And as we walk out of Victoria Hall and into Settle Market Place that evening we see what a beautiful town we have… even the Open Gardens Festival on 20-21 June this weekend is promoted on the banner on the Shambles

The Second Settle Soup – 19th July

The four pitches at  July 2015 Settle Soup – held on 19 July at 6.30pm in Victoria Hall, Settle:

Settle Soup money box made by Milly

1. Victoria Hall Bunting appeal – given by Jane
2. Settle Youth Club appeal – by Caitlin
3. “Cook up” using waste or surplus food from local shops or gardeners:-we need a fridge. – by Jo
4. Could Settle have a new Settle Development Trust? – by Ann

We listened to the four four minute talks, asked questions. We were served carrot and coriander soup and tomato and basil soup and we discussed the talks and talked to each other and met new people. We voted and the project which gained the most votes – by a very clear majority was … the Youth Club… So they will be using the £140 plus a bit more door money.

1. Victoria Hall Bunting appeal – given by Jane
2. Settle Youth Club appeal by Caitlin
The Youth Club needs funds for:
Money for more equipment
Money for transport for Fun Trips
A better Tuck Shop.
3. “Cook up” : Jo pitches for money to start a “cook up” using waste or surplus food from local shops or gardeners

 4. Could Settle have a new Settle Development Trust?  Ann Harding talks about a possible new Settle Development Trust which can help support local projects and maybe help with access to funding.

Look out for highlights from the above event on “Saturday Live” on radio 4  on Sat 24 Oct

Settle Soup Number 3 and Pitch for Death Cafe

The third Settle Soup was held on Wednesday 30th September at lunchtime.

The three Pitches were:

  1. Equipment for Children’s Play group held at the Parish church on Monday mornings
  2. Invitation for people to help start a “Death  Cafe” -an event to chat about issues relating to that taboo subject – death.
  3. Raise awareness that our beautiful new Settle Library will not be able to survive unless more funding can be found for more paid supervision.
Only the video describing  the death cafe is given here.

Do contact Eliza if you are interested in finding out more:

*** At the pitch and since giving the pitch, Eliza  met several people interested in starting the Death Cafe: They have now held two Settle Death Cafés at the Quaker Meeting House and next one is Saturday 12th March between 10 and 12 noon.

Andy Mouncey reported back on how the money for his Pitch had been spent.

Jo Rhodes told people about “Settle Time Banking” More info here

The Children’s Play group won most votes at this Settle soup and with a few extra donations added to the door money £104 was given to the playgroup.