How Soups Work

There are variations on format – but this is how our soup works and it is based on the Detroit Soup model.

 4 pounds – 4 ideas – 4 minutes

The concept is simple: a suggested donation of £4 on the door (£2 for under 18s) gives you a delicious meal of soup, bread, tea and a vote for your favourite local community project pitched on the night. We want lots of local folk to get involved so if £4 is a bit steep just donate what you can afford, if you are feeling generous you can donate more!

soup money boxChildren are very welcome and if they are old enough to decide which idea they like best then they can have a vote.

Four ideas for improving Settle or the local community will be put forward, each has 4 minutes to pitch to the crowd.

Then we eat together and discuss the ideas and mingle, meet new people and generally have a good time.

Everyone votes for the idea they like best and the winner gets all the money taken on the door to kickstart their project. The people behind the project will then be asked to update us on their progress at future soup meetings as they bring their idea to life.

Many people have asked ‘what if the winner blows their money on drink or drugs or flash cars?’  My answer is.. Settle is a small place so we will all know if someone misuses their winnings. I think this is very unlikely to happen .. but if it does they will never get their project off the ground and not be trusted again!