Settle Timebank

settle timebank

When we started talking about Settle Soup several people suggested we look into setting up a Timebank. In very simple terms these are skill shares and everyone’s time is equal. The original plan was that a Timebank would be a pitch at our first Settle Soup but in the end we got some funding for a 2 year pilot project from North Yorkshire Stronger Communities before our first event.

We found out about Timebanking UK who help support new Timebanks with training, info and access to a simple programme to help manage members time trades. We are now up and running and helpers at Settle Soup can earn credits through the Timebank for helping out. The best schemes have a mix of individuals, businesses, charities, community groups and venues involved and that is what we are aiming for in Settle.

timebank cartoon

To find out more about Settle Timebank there are some short videos and instructions on how to sign up here  and all our soup events will have people on hand to answer any questions, register people and show how the software works. We need to check references for all new members so there will be a short delay before you can use all the features on the Time and Talents software.

Any questions just get in touch by email or give us a call on 07977 040329 and we’ll get back to you.



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